DC Streetcar Video
Project Details

Winner: PRR

Title of entry: DC Streetcar Video

Location: Seattle, Washington

Category: 105. Safety


About Project

Every year, more marketing and public relations firms are abandoning video B-roll and interviews and turning to animation to tell their stories. The white boards, graphics, stock photos, text, and full blown animation sell everything from shipping to interconnectivity over the Internet and on television.

PRR of Seattle was recently hired by Washington, D.C., to steer its street car campaign. With all the traffic (pedestrian, bike, bus, and car) in D.C., safety is a concern. PRR turned to animation to alert viewers to the potential pitfalls. The result is a colorful, eye catching, well-crafted message that puts you into the heart of D.C. The animation carries you along from the National Mall to Georgetown while pointing out the possible dangers.