La Crema Winery

La Crema Virtual Vintner
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Winner: La Crema Winery

Title of entry: La Crema Virtual Vintner

Location: Windsor, California

Category: 22. Business To Consumer Website

Online: See Project

About Project

Ever dream of becoming a winemaker? La Crema Winery tapped into that fantasy held by millions of wine lovers in a recent contest. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to educate new and existing consumers by deeply engaging them in an experience that highlights La Crema’s artisan winemaking techniques, and they did so in an ingenious way.

A well crafted website called Virtual Vintner allowed visitors to create a wine of their own by choosing the types of grapes, regions, soil conditions, fermentation, etc. The visitors were also asked to vote on the new wines the company was preparing to market. The website’s content, graphics and interaction works beautifully to engage the consumer while marketing a product.