Impatient Cow Productions

Make-A-Wish: Mikey and Mia
Project Details

Winner: Impatient Cow Productions

Title of entry: Make-A-Wish: Mikey and Mia

Client: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Category: 227. Pro Bono


About Project

To make an impression, to sell a product, to deliver a message, you must tell a story. Many production companies try to dazzle the audience with flashy graphics or a clever script. Sometimes this approach works, but other times the most poignant videos are the simplest.

Make-A-Wish Foundation turned to Impatient Cow Productions to tell the story of Mikey and Mia. The boutique Salt Lake City company created an emotional video that stays with you. It’s a story of an indelible bond between two kids and two sets of parents brought together by a nightmare.